Xilax is the father of Shima and Hali.


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Xilax is a a black furred demon hedgehog with red, purple and green areas in his fur. His quills go back like Sonic's, but quickly curve up at the back like hooks. There are only two, and they both have purple streaks on them. He then has a tuft of green fur on the top of his head with a long, red strand underneath that goes into black and purple hair that goes between his eyes, but it doesn't cover them. He has two strands of red hair on teh sides of his face and two, small black quills behind them. His muzzle is the regular peach colored, as well as the inside of his ears. The whites of his eys are yellow, and his eyes are blood red. He has green tips of each of his eyes. Around Xilax's neck is a green choker, and he has two spiked armbands on his arms. He has black streaks on his arms as well. His gloves are gray with a green and black square in the middle, and the cuffs are purple with a gold area around them that spikes up at the sides. Xilax has a red tail, and he has six back quills on his back, three on each side. There is a red design on his chest: an upside down red cresent and a red triangle. His teeth are pointed and sharp. He wears green boots with metal straps on them, and there is a green and purple zizag pattern at the bottoms of them in the front.


Xilax is a cruel, cold-hearted person. He likes to play with his victims, especially Shima. He is merciless and cruel, and always wants to get his own way. He also likes to manipulate people into doing what he wants, often tricking them or possesing them. If something has gotten out of his control, he tries his best get the situation under his control.


Dark Xilaxius RebornEdit

In this form, Xilax is at his most powerful. He grows large, tattered demon wings that become larger than his body, large horns on his head, and a long tail with three spikes on each side. His claws grown out to rip through his gloves, giving him ripped fingerless gloves. Xilax alwso grows large claws on his feet, so his boots rip apart and the metal straps wrap themselves around his legs. His voice gets warped and demonic, sounding a bit like Black Doom's.

Abilities and WeaknessesEdit

Chaos PowersEdit

These abilities of Xilax's are capable by using his Chaos powers and energy.

Chaos MissileEdit

Xilax's signature move. This attack is similar to Shadow's Chaos Spear, though instead of being spear-shaped, it is shaped like a war missile. It does the same amount of damage as Chaos Spear.

Chaos ControlEdit

Another of Xilax's signature moves. This can only be used when Xialx has a Chaos Emerald. It allows him to teleport to far places, mostly places he had been to before. This is more for defense for Xilax to get away to safety. Unlike others, he does not need to say "Chaos Control" to use this ability.

Chaos BlastEdit

A powerful attack that can destroy almost anything. This attack delivers a powerful blast of Chaos energy that comes from Xilax's hands and is very destructive. He can use it when he has at least one Chaos Emerald or gets an adreneline spike.

Chaos AuraEdit

More of a defense attack than anything. Xilax becomes surrounded in a black aura, which can withstand most attacks. The stronger the aura is, the easier it is for him to get tired. It is easier for him to put one small layer of the shield at a time instead of many layers at once.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Dark SwipeEdit

  • He can fly in his Reborn form
  • He has incredible strength
  • He has incredible speed


Other InformationEdit

Name: Xilax the Hedgehog

Age: 20 (physically), 1500+ (chronologically)

Gender: Male

Species: Demon hedgehog

Height: 3'3"

Weight: 77lbs

Relatives: Unknown parents, Shima the Hedgehog (daughter), Hali the Hedgehog (daughter), Shadow the Hedgehog (partial son)

Romantic Interests: Mespira the Sorceress

Birthplace: Unknown

Alias: "Father"

Alignment: Villain

Character Type: Power

Moebian counterpart: Uknown

Sol Dimension counterpart: Unknown

Female counterpart: None

Likes, Dislikes and FearsEdit


Watching other in pain

Manipulating others

Being in control

Teasing others





No pain

Feeling helpless


The light



The World by Nightmare


One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Allies and EnemiesEdit


Cain the Wolf

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Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shima the Hedgehog

Hali the Hedgehog

Ruby the Goddess


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  • Xilax went through many name changes and designs before he became what he was.
  • Xilax is his creator's main villain.