Biographical Information
  • 11
  • Psycho Lynx
  • The Ultimate Monster
  • Child Soldier
  • "X"
  • "The Viral Anonymity"
Romantic Interests
Birthplace Unknown (Somewhere in the Sol Dimension)
Physical Description
Species Lynx
  • Fur: White
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes:Electric Blue
  • Height: 3'0
  • Weight: 47 lbs.
  • Black gloves
  • Black pants with a black belt. Belt has a silver buckle
  • Black boots with grey soles
  • Black trench coat with no undershirt beneath it
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • G.U.N. (From the Sol Dimension)
  • Beam Katana(s)
  • Full-Auto Fire Pistol
  • Any weapons he can find

Refer to the Abilities section on the main article

Super Forms
  • (I need to think of names for his transformations)
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
  • Troll Wars (Sonic Fanon Wiki)
  • Vice_Trolls confict (Sonic Fanon Wiki)
Original Creator
Likes Death and destruction, the suffering of others, battle, his so-called superiority over everyone else
Dislikes Anything to do with life besides destruction, Phoenix the Cat, peace, anyone and anything that tries to stop him from acheiving his goals

Background InformationEdit


17 years ago, Malicious the Cacaphony was once again defeated by Queen Costebella. Filled with intense hatred and disdain, Malicious decided that since she had the advantage of time due to her eternal youth, she could wait out her opponents until they have aged to the point where they could not defeat her. She also thought that it was time to begin her secondary plan to begin restoring her former tribe: having a child and raising it to follow and fight for the former beliefs and honor of her tribe, and dominate the world with her. She decided to give brith to a child through the "miles perfectam" (Mee-less pur-fect-em) project in order to endow it with strength beyond that of a typical person, although she was initially wary of it. After doing some research on the project, she was unable to find a branch project anywhere within the main project which she believed would be best suited to create her child through, so she decided to wait for 4 years until a new branch project in Miles Perfectam was suggested and founded by the Federation: Project Ultimus, a two-sided project with a name based loosely on the name of the main project, and headed by Dr. Gerald Robotnik Nega and Dr. Natal, the mate Malicious has (although hesitantly and with disdain for Natal) chosen in order to conceive her child due to his scientific knowledge and his good health. Malicious made a plan: once she gave birth to the child, she would take it with her to raise in secret, until it was time to do battle with the world and the Sol Emerald guardians once again.

When Project Ultimus was initiated by GUN (from the Sol Dimension), the making of a second prototype, codenamed "Rudis", to compete with Dr. Gerald Robotnik Nega's prototype was suggested by Dr. Natal, a scientist who was known throughout GUN to be an unstable man who would use unorthodox methods of research on various test subjects. Like the other prototype, GUN needed a surogate mother to Dr. Natal in order to breed the second protoype. Dr. Natal then volunteered his wife (Malicious the Cacaphony) as the surrogate mother to the project's second prototype, and testing with Necronova cells was commenced on the woman's unborn child. During Malicious' pregnancy, Dr. Natal acquired permission from G.U.N. to change the name of his prototype to "Vice", although Malicious was kept in the dark about this change. 6 months later, Malicious gave birth the Vice the Lynx. After G.U.N. took Vice to perform tests on him, Vice was soon discoviered to not have inherited his mother's ability to control sound waves, but instead control and generate electricity, and his intelligence and other factors far exceeded GUN's expectations on the initial tests. Soon after the initial tests, Vice was taken to Space Colony Euresia and compared to Project Ultimus' other protoype, and apparently surpassed Gerald Robotnik Nega's prototype in almost every possible way (according to G.U.N.'s studies), and was therefore chosen to be the so-called "enforcer of G.U.N.'s law", while the other prototype, through much debate between Gerald Robotnik Nega and top G.U.N. officials, was given custody to his family.

Discovery of Origins And RebellionEdit

After passing the tests, GUN put Vice the Lynx through vigorous training ever since infancy, and soon grew to be GUN's most powerful warrior and agent, and even mastered the apparently difficult-to-wield Beam Katana. GUN sent Vice on many and various kinds of missions throughout the world, which soon earned him the reputation of a "protector of peace", and a hero by the public. However, although Vice was treated fairly well by both GUN and the public, he often felt as though he was apart from everyone else, that he was somehow different. However, until he reached the age of 6, Vice would continue follow GUN's commands without questions, while feebily searching for the truth about his origins. Eventually, sometime after his 6th birthday, he learned the truth about his origins. While looking through GUN's archived files down in one of GUN HQ's hidden basements, he uncovered files that held information about Project Ultimus which were carelessly left unprotected, and learned his connection to the project and what he really was. While going over the information, he learned that GUN would kill him if he ever found out any of the information contained within the documents he discovered. After doing as more research on the project as he could, his emotions grew unstable, which caused him to developed a hatred for GUN for keeping his origins and history a secret from him, and be so willing to kill him in case he ever found out anything about himself they didn't want to know. However, what seemed to interest Vice more was the other prototype in Project Ultimus, and upon discovering that the second prototype was Phoenix the Cat, Vice developed a small obsession and irrational hatred of him due to the fact that it was technically because of him that he was chosen as GUN's expendable guinea pig and been fed lies all his life. After learning all he needed to know about the project, Vice decided that he would eradicate the world of beings with inferior DNA and create a world filled with living creaters genetically stronger than their predecessors were he and his fellow Super Soldiers could thrive in, all the while taking revenge on the world that he felt betrayed him, which he felt would be more satisfying than the former of his 2 objectives which he considers to be only secondary.

Fight for a "New World Order"Edit

Several month's later, Vice hijacked a several GUN bases out in the southern hemisphere of the world, and demanded that the Federation turn over control of GUN to him and give him means to conduct research on genetic engineering, or else he would launch the 40% of GUN's weapons he captured all over the world, effectively eradicating many of the world's major cities and population from existence. Although, these demands were actually just a half truth to hide Vice's true objective from the world and his supposed allies (the latter not believing he is serious about destroying the world and instead only wants to declare war with GUN and the worlds' other, minor military powers in order to establish independence from the former goverments from which they served). To counter this threat, GUN managed to bring in Phoenix the Cat and send him to stop Vice. When Phoenix arrived at the hijacked base, he sneaked his way through it while fighting off many of Vice's fellow mercenaries, but was eventually captured and taken to a cell block, where he meet with Vice himself. Upon seeing Phoenix up close for the first time, Vice's anger and hatred grew, and he briefly explained a little of their connection to Phoenix, before punching Phoenix in the stomach and leaving the cell block to prepare his attack against the world. However, Phoenix escaped confinment and pursued Vice, only to learn that he fled to another base in the Northern region of the Sol Dimension. Vice meanwhile, began to set a trap for Phoenix when he arrived at the other base, hoping that it will kill him. When the trap fails to kill Phoenix, Vice decided to confront Phoenix himself and hinted to him about their true origins. Angered by Phoenix's existence, Vice proceeded to try to kill Phoenix and almost succeeded, only to fall short when Phoenix managed to fend Vice off. Vice then fled to the deepest part of the base and ordered his troops to hunt down Phoenix and kill him, while Vice himself got ready to unleash GUN's super weapons on the world. Just as Vice predicted, Phoenix would fend off his army and confront him yet again, and as an attempt to weaken Phoenix's spirit and to show their apparent connection, Vice explained all he learned from Project Ultimate to Phoenix. Phoenix, who was in deep shock from the information Vice told him, asked Vice to state what his true motives were, and Vice confirmed Phoenix's fearss when he told him that he was truly going to destroy the world in order to bring it back to the age of chaos in order to satisfy his love for battle (since Vice felt that was the only thing that made his life worth living, since he could not live the life of an ordinary individual) and satisfy his desire for vegence against the world which he felt had betrayed him. Vice then proceeds to use a prototype remote-controlled GUN robot on Phoenix and while he fought Phoenix himself again. When the weapon was damaged during the fight, Vice used his own electrical abilities to repower it and control it, until Phoenix damaged it beyond repair. When Phoenix destroyed the Super Weapon, Vice became enraged and annoyed with Phoenix's "luck" and resumed fighting Phoenix in a 4 hour battle of tatics and whims, the two literally fighting with almost equal ability and intelligence. However, Vice was caught off guard during the battle, and Phoenix used the opportunity to break Vice's wings and kick him down a bottemless pit near the rear entrance of the base, seemingly killing him. In one last gambit, Vice flew back out of the pit (his wings having repaired themselves), and attempts to impale Phoenix with his Beam Katana from behind by charging at him. However, Phoenix sensed Vice coming backflipped out of Vice's way, and counters his attack by shooting Vice in the base of his spine, the back of his chest with his handgun, and his brain's cerebelum. Vice then played dead while he let his incredibly regenerative abilities keep him alive and repair his seemingly lethal wounds, succeeding in fooling Phoenix into thinking he was dead. After Phoenix left the scene, Vice fled the base before it was destroyed by GUN's bombers and goes into hiding, successfully faking his death to the Sol Dimension.

Chaos on MobiusEdit

Vice played a more significant role when he appeared again on Mobius. After spending a year in hiding, vice manipulates a device that Phoenix was using to time travel one day, causing Phoenix to teleport to Mobius and travel several years farther into its present time. Vice then spent the majority of his time in the shadows watching Phoenix's every move, constantly predicting is actions as Phoenix builds his own army in an attempt to conquer Mobius and bring an end to war and corruption in the world. There were several times where Vice himself manipulated the events on Mobius directly in order to acquire the desired outcomes he needed so he would have an easier time unleashing an acient monster known as Shintakku in the God's Zone and using it to destroy all of existence. When Phoenix opened the portal to the God's Zone, Vice snuck in during the large battle that was going on there and learned whatever information he could on how to unleash Shintakku, along with any other information he could read, until Phoenix (who was using the Source of All to increase his strength) lost to Sonic. Vice then fled before Phoenix could, believing that Phoenix has already confirmed that Vice himself may have been maipulating the events from the shadows, just like Vice hoped he would. Vice then confronted Phoenix directly, telling a shocked phoenix that he would not die as long as he still lived, and that his hopes of creating a peaceful world are destined to fall to the fires of chaos. Before Phoenix could attack Vice, Vice countered him and held him against the wall by his neck with a single hand, and began taunting Phoenix. Just before Vice could kill him, Phoenix used a Flash Grenade, which forced vice to let go of Phoenix and block his eyes and ears before the grenade can disable his senses, giving Phoenix enough time to escape. Vice then started getting more directly invovled with all the chaos that's been occuring all over Mobius because of Phoenix's battles with Sonic and friends, and tested Sonic and friends abilities when he confronted them face to face. Vice then learned about Cream the Rabbit, who was the person Phoenix trained to be an excelent fighter and strategist, and tried to kidnap her several times because she could pose a threat to him. Phoenix prevented Vice from capturing her with his quick and complex thinking, until Vice eventually captured the both of them and brought them to a deserted house out in the middle of nowhere, where he began torturing them. Vice took great joy in torturing them, because Cream was being put through terrible pain because of his affiliation with Phoenix, and Phoenix because Vice knew that seeing Cream in pain would have a serieous effect on his character later on. Cream however surprised Vice by acknowledging her failures in life and her willingness to stand on her own two feet from that point on, without asking for help from Sonic or anyone else, which angered Vice and told her to stop being cocky if she knew what was good for her. Cream showed no fear in Vice's threats and encouraged Vice to keep hurting her if it pleased him, which Vice did without hesitation because he was angered that Cream refused to suffer emotionally in her torture. Phoenix, who was watching Vice torture Cream an a cell with electrical bars, burst out of his cell in anger an attacked Vice, knocking him out for about a minute. Phoenix then tried to flee the house with Cream, only to be stopped by Vice, who stabs Cream in the neck with Beam Katana, killing her instantly. Vice then laughed hysterically at what he done and how Cream's death was affecting Phoenix (it was causing him to cry), telling Phoenix that he can stop pretending to be humane and actually admit that he enjoys seeing death and destruction since it was "what he was meant to cherish due to the nature of his creation". Vice then fled, and just as Vice mself predicted, Amy and several of her friends find Phoenix and a dead Cream, which causes Amy to accuse Phoenix of killing her and being "just like that psycho lynx".

Vice started to collect the Chaos Emeralds, which he planned to use in a machine that he believed would be able to awake Shintakku, while he toyed with Sonic and the gang, killing Sonic friends left and right in almost every encounter he made with them in an effort to weaken their spirit and start thinking irrationally, while collecting the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald, which were needed to summon Shintaku. Vice realized that there was a possibility that he could be defeated by Phoenix, so he decided to create an ace-in-the-hole through Sonic the Hedgehog. Vice knew how to corrupt even the most purest of minds, so he killed several of Sonic's friends in order to have Sonic develop a strong hatred in his heart. Killing Amy proved to have been the last person Vice needed to kill before confronting Sonic himself, who was injured and resting in Tails' Workshop in the ruined Station Square. Vice used the events that have been occuring while lying about his motives to a certain extent in order to fool Sonic into thinking that there was a possibility that other people we're responsible for unleashing Phoenix and Vice on Mobius, his growing hatred helping to convince him of this. Vice then gave Sonic a sub-machine gun and told him that he should take revenge against the people responsible for allowing the death of his friends to occur, which Sonic who was doing some serious thinking on Vice's offer, eventually decided to listen to Vice's advice. Glad to see that he fooled Sonic into thinking his remaining allies were his enemies, he set Sonic free and began to set his plan into unleashing Shintaku into motion.

Phoenix later confronted Vice at the Ark, but was too late to stop Vice from summoning Shintaku with the Chaos Emeralds. Shintaku was then unleashed around Mobius orbit, and Phoenix confronted the ancient monster himself, using the remaining enegry of the Chaos Emeralds and his whims to fight Shintaku in a 2 hour battle. Seeing that Phoenix was holding his own against Shintaku, Vice sent Shintaku to the God's Zone, where he ordered Shintaku to destroy the Genisis Crystal, which was supposedly the one object that keeps the existence of the Multiverse intact. In order to prevent Shintaku from destroying the Crystal, Phoenix summoned whatever Chaos Energy he could and launches himself at Shintaku, creating a mass explosing which destroyed the monster and turned Phoenix to stone. Although Phoenix seemingly foiled Vice's plans, Phoenix sacrificing himself was exactly what he wanted, because the Jenisis Crystal was not the source of all existence in the Multiverse, but simply an object that had great power that was similar to the Chaos Emeralds energies, which Vice has fooled everyone into thinking when he unknowingly changed the text of several ancient scrolls located in the library of the God's Zone while Phoenix was busy fighting Sonic and co. Knowing that Phoenix died for nothing, Vice took great joy in his victory against Phoenix, and began to get ready to set several bombs that were powerful enough to open holes in dimensions, which would expand and cause all universes to tear themselves apart, causing the entire Multiverse to destroy itself. However, something occured that not even Vice prediced would happen or even thought was possible. All the seperate universes of the Multiverse apparently watched Phoenix's actions and had chosen him to be their guardian, so they all sent bits of energy to Phoenix's body, which eventually restored his stone flesh back to normal, reviving him. When Vice confronted the remaining survivors on Mobius about his soon-to-be ultimate victory, Vice saw Phoenix alive and well, much to his great surprise and shock. Angered by the fact that his plan to kill Phoenix and his plot todestroy the Multiverse has been put into jeapordy, Vice decided to confront Phoenix to one final battle, which he hoped would buy him enough time to detonate the Dimensional Bombs. However, when the bombs never exploded (this was because Sonic's remaining comrades found the bombs and disabled their timers), Vice's anger reached an all-time high, and he wildly attacked Phoenix in an attempt to destroy him. However, after a long battle, Phoenix managed to counter Vice's attacks and destroy his heart with a secret martial arts technique. Vice, bleeding to death on the ground, asked Phoenix if he thought that he'd really give up the fight for the life of the Multiverse in a fight with him, and told Phoenix about his ace-in-the-hole: Sonic. Vice then proceeded to tell Phoenix how he killed Sonic's friend in order to slowly corrupt his mind with vengence, which Vice exploited by bringing him down to his and Phoenix's level (A level that portays them both as killers), laughing at the fear that Phoenix displayed at this news. Phoenix left Vice behind in an attempt to confront Sonic (and win by sending one of Sonic's strongest attacks in his Super Form back at Sonic in self-defense, which killed him) and try to reqrite the timeline on Mobius so he and Vicde would've never appeared on Mobius. Vice knew that if Phoenix killed Sonic, he would be branded as a wanted criminal by the No-Zone police force, and that if Phoenix did nothing to stop Sonic, then he'd kill more people and destroy everyone's hope on there being an uncorruptable hero in the Multiverse. Vice died laughing at this knowledge, right after he told Phoenix about Sonic, after he lost too much blood from his fatal injuries. However, even though Vice was considered to be officially dead at this point, Phoenix thought that it was possible that Vice's death wasn't absolute, and that he would return in some way later in the future. Several years later, after Phoenix returned to Mobius and the Sol Dimension to steal the Sol Emeralds, Phoenix's theory about Vice possibly returning came to life.

Darkness of the MultiverseEdit

Although it seemed to everyone who knew Vice that he would not return after his death on Mobius, Phoenix was one of the few people who suspected that, because of Vice's supernatural intellect, he could somehow resurrect himself in the future. Phoenix's theory was correct. Vice used the knowledge he learned about Chaos Force (temporary name until I can come up with a better one), which essentially are responsible for the creation of all life within the Multiverse, along with his hatred of all things in order to keep his spiritual energies intact and avoid dissolving in the After Life, making himself neither alive nor dead. However, Vice had no real means of being able to physically interact with the real world. As a result, Vice would spend the next 4 years in this Life-Nor-Death state until Genesis, the leader of the Order of Darkness, revived him through a process called "Dark Resurrection", as a means to keep his enemies occupied and and constantly guessing his intentions. Vice instantly realized that someone has revived him and intended to use him for something however, so while taking advantage of his new life he reinitiated his original plan of destroying all of existence.

Vice felt that Phoenix was still alive and somewhere nearby in the Heyo Galaxy, so he traveled to Planet Darious (Dar-ree-us) and started attacking every living creature he came across, which resulted in the destruction of countless towns and villages. He stopped his rampage when he encountered Sonic and his friends, who came to find out who was destroying the towns on the planet. Remembering them from another timeline in their universe, Vice begins taunting Sonic and co. and hinting of their previous encounters, although Sonic and co. don't remember them because Phoenix reset the timeline on Mobius. Vice then attacks the group as a means to test their strength and to show off his incredible combat skills and intellect, which has caught Sonic and co. completely off guard. Vice then left Planet Darious, inviting Sonic and co. to come after him. While traveling to various planets, Vice continued to bring death and destruction of countless innocents across the Heyo galaxy as a means to draw Phoenix out into the open. Sonic and co., who are hot on his trail, eventually catch up to him and chase him through an asteroid belt. Choosing to fight the gang "out of boredom", Vice flies to a large asteroid and waits for Sonic and co. to come to him. Around the time Sonic reached Vice, Phoenix appeared and threatened Vice to go into hiding if he wanted to keep his life. Vice is not intimidated however, and he proceeds to fight Phoenix, and they both end up destroying over 34% of the asteroid belt in the process. Although surprised by Phoenix's large growth in speed and strength, Vice manages to keep up with Phoenix during the battle, until Dark Order troops witnessed the fight and called in a fleet to capture everyone in the asteroid belt. Upon discovering this, Phoenix flees the scene, which prompts Vice to follow him, leaving Sonic and co. to deal with the Order of Darkness alone. However, Vice apparently lost Phoenix's trail, and decided to go elsewhere to look for him, determined to settle the score with his old nemesis.

His next encounter with Sonic and co. would be on Genesis's flagship near the Keyeto Galaxy, who had by then learned of Vice's true identity. Sonic and co. warn him to give up whatever he is planning, but Vice is not intimidated and attacks them again. Although they barely managed to, Sonic and co. managed to hold back Vice, which angered him. He couldn't believe that "weak and idiotistical beings like them" would be capable of being able to hold their own against him, since he believed that his skills, power, and intelect were superior to theirs. Although he was determined to kill them, he, along with Sonic and co., were suddenly transported to Genesis in his throne room on the ship. Genesis told them that because of their fight, the ship was losing altitude and would be crashing on the nearby ice planet Naagus. During the confrontation, Vice attempts to use mind games with Genesis, although much to his dismay Genesis was far more intelectual than he anticipated and was not intimidated by Vice's threats. A few minutes later, one of Genesis' cohorts, Joshua, appears and declares his freedom from Genesis and his organization and destroy's Genesis' mask, although it Genesis does nothing to stop the attack. This attack revealed his true face, which looked like Phoenix's and Blaze's face, and the sight shocked everyone in the room, even Vice himself. At first Vice didn't believe what he was seeing and assumed Genesis' appearance to be a trick set up by someone, and attacked Genesis, only to be deflected back by Genesis himself with minimal effort. It was at this moment that the flagship crashed on Naagus, and Vice took the opportunity to escape somewhere on the planet. He would stay hidden until Genesis, Sonic and co. would leave the planet. He decided to sneak on Sonic and co.'s starship and lay hidden while Sonic's gang would continue to help others around the Multiverse and combat Genesis and his men.

After 5 days have passed and Phoenix joined Sonic's crew, Vice sabatoged the starship and caused it to crash into an abandoned Dark Order military base (Phoenix was absent at this time). It was there that Vice declared his true intentions to Sonic and co. and that he would kill them all before they could become "inconviniences to him". After a long and bloody fight, Vice was defeated by Sonic and co., who declared that they would stop at nothing to stop villains like him and keep everything precious to them safe. Enraged by his apparent defeat, Vice began to destroy the abandoned military base, with Sonic and co. barely escaping. Because of the power and large radious of the explosion caused when the Dark Order military base was destroyed, Sonic and co. assumed Vice was killed in the explosion and continued their quest. However, Vice survived the base's destruction and went to an unknown location near Xentopolis (sen-to-po-lis), the Order of Darkness' main headquarters, and spent his time focusing his powers and hatred for everyone he's encountered until he felt that he was ready to destroy all his enemies. Upon learning that Sonic, Phoenix, and various other races and groups were going to raid Xentopolis, Vice sliped inside the large city during the confusion set by the battle outside and chose to wait for Phoenix outside Genesis' temple, confident he will be able to kill Phoenix and his cohorts.

Eventually Sonic and co. encountered Vice, annoyed by the fact that Vice doesn't seem to "ever give up". Upon hearing this comment from Tails, Vice replied that they don't ever give up either, and it annoyed him to no end. Vice then powers up, ready for a final battle, and Sonic and the gang get ready to fight him, determined to defeat him even though he was using his full power this time. Phoenix however tells them to back down and let him deal with Vice himself, saying that it was his fight to finish, which was what Vice was hoping for. Before they began their final battle, Vice asked Phoenix if he truly expected all his battles to end even if he somehow managed to defeat him, Genesis, and the Darkness, a question similar to what he had asked Phoenix 4 years prior. Phoenix replied saying that he "remembered" his true purpose, and saying that he realized that he should not give up on life and continue to fight for the greater good, even if it was completely pointless and ends up sacrificing his life. After a few moments, Vice laughs at Phoenix's reply, saying that he himself had done the "exact opposite of helping the 'greater good'" ever since he was born, and that he will kill him and end Phoenix's torment along with everyone else's. Vice fought Phoenix with everything he had, although Phoenix was able to handle him on his own, while Sonic and co. cheered Phoenix on from afar. After 94 minutes of fighting, Phoenix eventually overcame Vice, leaving Vice in total disbelief that he defeated 3 times in a row by "an inferior product" (Phoenix). Vice struggles to continue fighting, but Phoenix tells him to stop saying that everything he's doing doesn't make any sense, and that if he continues to fight him he would have no choice but to kill him. Vice becomes even more enraged and tries to kill Phoenix by sending a lightning bolt at him, but Phoenix deflects it and proceeds to finish off Vice. But before Phoenix could deal the final blow, Malicious appears and knocks Phoenix back, threatening Phoenix not to touch Vice. It was then that Vice learns that Malicious was his birth mother, but he didn't take their first meeting as a way to learn about his true origins. Instead, he saw his meeting with her as an opportunity to kill Phoenix in one last gambit so, possessed by his rage for Phoenix, Vice grabbed Malicious from behind and used her as a shield as he charged at Phoenix. Phoenix, not surprised by Vice's actions but worried about his and the group's safety, he unleashed a magical barrage of attacks at Malicious and Vice, which fatally wounded Malicious. Vice then threw Malicious at Phoenix, who knocked her out of his way, and managed to impale Vice's heart while dodging his last attack, which would've tore him in half. Vice then lay down on the ground, bleeding to death, unable to get up from the ground. Malicious, barely alive, tries to reach her son, but Vice shrugged her off saying that someone as weak as her could not be his mother, and that his mother died giving birth to him. Saddened by this statement, Malicious soon dies from her injuries. Vice then screams out his hatred of life and everything in existence, and that everything and everyone was destined to one day be destroyed. After declaring his hatred to Phoenix one final time, Vice dies from his injuries. In order to make sure that Vice was truly dead, Phoenix incinerated his body on the spot, saying that Vice was "trying to fill his broken heart with destruction, since there was nothing left for him to believe in". Vice's body continued to burn along with Malicious' body outside Genesis' temple, and was assumed to be destroyed when Xentopolis was destroyed in Sonic and co.'s last confrontation with Genesis and his and Phoenix's inner darkness, and he never appeared again after his final confrontation with Phoenix.


Vice borrows several physical traits from his mother Malicious, which are the white fur, black spikey hair, and very round irises (all of these traits are also common amongst members of the Maghikakagoni [Mag-hee-ka-ka-go-nee] tribe, which he and Malicious descend from). His facial structure is also similar to Malicious’, making look similar to his mother. However, the similarities between Vice and Malicious’ physical appearances end there. While his irises are round like Malicious’, the shape of his eyes is more angular, resembling his father’s eye shape. Also, his pupils are visible, and are narrow silts. His hair, while spikey, is more slicked-back and the spikes are larger, but shorter. His body is muscular due to his intense training since infancy, and because of the benefits granted to him from the experiments that made him. He also has some cheek tuft that’s hidden by his hair, and his face features black, angular stripes along the bridge of his nose, with two additional stripes below the first two.

Vice normally wears gear which was granted to him via GUN, which comprises of a long black trench coat, some loose-fitted pants, some sturdy weather-proof shoes, and black gloves. Due to his high resistence to weather and in order to make movement for his upper body easier for him, Vice doesn't wear a shirt of any kind underneath his coat, which leaves his stomach and chest completely exposed. The coat also has several interior pockets, but bears no visible exterior pockets. Vice's shoes also have two lines which are pararrel from each other and go down to the soles, which are colored grey. Vice also sports a unique white, advancely designed belt (which is mainly used to hold onto Vice's beam katanas) that has an electric blue center that glows, which is perhaps one of his most distinguishing characteristics, the others being his eyes and the beam katana he normally wields.


Before insanity, Vice appeared to others to be a somewhat cold, uncaring, and unfeeling individual, because he was always serious and was always able to maintain his composure no matter what situation is occuring, and because of this he didn't show a variety of emotions very much. He didn't value much of anything because he had very little to treasure while being raised and working for the Sol Dimension's GUN, and he respected very few people other than himself because he viewed them as people who would only hinder him in his ability to accomplish his missions, although he respected Dr. Gerald Nega for his scientific genius, along with other great scientists who believed they could use science to benefit society (he also seemed to show great respect for Phoenix the Cat due to his incredible intellect and achievements despite having lived for only a few years, and also some of his former comrades). The only things that Vice seemed to cherish the most while he considered himself to be a normal individual were his love for intense battle (although he didn't show it), his skills and his beyond genius intellect. On the inside, Vice always wondered about his origins, and he found various cultures to be interesting, perhaps because he wanted to know if he could find a culture he was directly connected to. Vice used to think that he was born like everyone else, and was recruited into GUN due to his high, promising abilities; although at times he couldn't help but feel that he was a different breed apart from everyone. Unique in a sense. However, Vice never questioned why he was working for GUN, or why they gave him special treatment, because all he's known his whole life at that point was what GUN has told him, so he thought of GUN and his comrades as his family, even though at times he questioned to himself why GUN truly wanted him to begin with. One day, deciding to confirm some information about his origins he overheard some scientists speak of, Vice came across files relating to Project Ultimus, which confirmed his suspecions. At the same time he learned about Phoenix the Cat's connection to the project, along with his comrades in GUN. The weight of the information he uncovered about his connection to Project Ultimus, along with the inconsitencies it created with the information he was fed all his life, caused Vice to begin developing a fierce hatred for GUN which, over time, would grow into something larger and more sinister. Afterward, Vice decided to set out on a quest for world domination while also deciding to eradicate those with inferior DNA, all in order to create a new age filled with genetically superior people which would serve as the new dominant civilization in the Sol Dimension. Notably, the destruction of the supposedly "inferior" race of people seemed to appeal to Vice in a strange way, which is ironic because this feeling, along with Vice's psychotic rage and somewhat mutual respect for Phoenix (which is arguably the largest contributing factor to Vice's changes in personality) would serve as cataclysms to Vice's eventual madness.

Due to his first defeat at the hands of Phoenix, Vice's hatred of him and the world grew to an unstable level, eventually leading to his insanity. After going insane, Vice still retained some of the above traits of his former personality, only he became sadistic and developed an unnatural lust for destruction, and has convinced himself that he is destined to destroy all of existence itself, that he is the only person who can achieve this goal, and that he had the ability to develop enough power and intelligence to do so. Vice would enjoy making his enemies suffer in any way possible, whether it is through physical pain or, his personal favorite, mental torture. Vice would not hesitate to use any means possible to cause his opponents mental stress in order to hinder their ability to think rationally, hoping to cause as much suffering to them as he can before killing them. Some examples of Vice's cruel methods of mental torture include making others feel that they're powerless and inferior to him and powerless against everything else that threatens what they cherish (which he accomplishes by intimidating them with his abilities), that they are worthless and are only being used by others for their own gain, and even uses their fears against them. Vice favored any methods that could cause countless casualties while not ruining his plans, and has even gone far as to poison several cities' water supplies while he was on Mobius in order to weaken his enemies spirits while causing entire regions worth of lives to be killed. If by chance his enemies or "allies" manage to outsmart him and ruin most of his plans, Vice has been known to shown terrifying levels of rage and hatred, and would resort to using more destructive and unnaturally violent methods in order to eradicate his enemies. Vice particularly loved mentally torturing Phoenix in any way he could, and would constantly try to get him to resort to a destructive nature like he has, although in reality Vice mostly only wanted to use Phoenix in order to achieve his goals. Vice considers life as a whole to be expendable, and would kill even an infant without a second thought if it suited him. If possible, Vice would try to corrupt the minds of other people any way he could, in order to use them to either accomplish his overall objectives or to cause further destruction and agony among innocents or his enemies for him to watch and enjoy. Vice would make the most of intelligence in order to make plans at a level which seem almost unbelievable, which in turn could make figuring out his goals and thoughts excruciatingly difficult for his enemies, to the point where possibly most of his enemies think that even outsmarting him in and outside of battle is seemingly only possible through sheer luck (and Vice is usually aware of this). Due to his incredible abilities and intellect, Vice has developed a superiority complex, which can cause him to be arrogant at times, although he manages not to let his confidence get the best of him most of the time when encountering a new foe or certain situations change in ways he did not expect them to (ironically, his arrogance and superiority complex over his enemies would eventually lead to his ultimate downfall at the hands of Phoenix and co.). Even right before death, Vice showed no remorse for any his inhumane actions, and even used his mother as a living shield in order to try one last gambit in killing Phoenix before he himself was mortally wounded. Vice would die believing that he was defeated by a product of Project Ultimus that's "inferior to [him]", along with a group of "ignorant fools" (Phoenix and co.), and that destruction (as he replied to Phoenix's arguments about life) is the only thing that makes life worth living, and that hope and dreams are nothing but "insipid delusions which people make for themselves in order to forget their pitiful, blood-stained past and to justify their existences which lack meaning and purpose!".

Abilities and WeaknessesEdit

Vice is an incredibly skilled fighter and strategist, and is able to come up with very complex plans in mere moments, sometimes miliseconds. His intelegence is only rivaled by Phoenix the Cat (although it is rumored that Vice himself could be more intelligent than Phoenix, from a certain points of view), along with the majority of his combat abilities. His physical abilities have been hightened throughout the use of Necronova V cells (Which are similar to Necronova H cells, which were used to create Phoenix the Cat), which has allowed Vice to acheive a level of strength much more superior than what a normal person could normally acheive. Some notable achievements of Vice's heightened physical abilities included being capable of dodging projectiles at point blank range with minimal effort (including bullets, arrows, rapidfire weapons, multiple shot weapons, single shot weapons, rockets, missles, etc, etc.), being able to cover great distances in short time (Or travel in incredible speeds, in which he looks like a blur when moving), produce and have measureless control of large levels of electricity, performing short dashes of speed faster than a normal person's brain could process (causing him to appear to be teleporting. His teleport-like ability is known as "Zero Shifting"), and perform multiple jumps and dashes of speed while in the air (most/some of these details and more can be described more thoroughly in the "Physical Attributes Gained From Project Ultimus section of this article, located further below this page). Over time, Vice also acquired a low-level rapid healing factor which, coupled with his incredible endurance, renders him nearly invincible to conventional damage. His sheer physical strength (As in being able to lift objects and etc. Not to be confused with the physical abilities mentioned before) has also been hightended through Necronova cells, which has allowed him to accomplish these notable feats:

  • Lift large and heavy objects, and throw them
  • Move large steel girders, creaters, and other heavy objects off his body
  • Lift people as heavy as Big the Cat and beyond with a single hand
  • Being able to thrust straight through the torso of a person with his finger tips, and flatten the heads of people with his feet
  • Punching through the body of a heavily armored E- series robot
  • Throw a person dozens of meters into the air with a single upward thrust of his arm and over a mile with a single kick
  • Send heavy objects flying back towards his oppenents by kicking them in mid-air or on the ground
  • Run through and sprint on walls
  • Crack open the skull of a normal person with a headbutt
  • Rip the heads off of people (preferably after he breaks their necks as a means to cause his victims intense pain before killing them)
  • Send a person flying with a backhand swipe
  • Etc.

Even though Vice can seem somewhat invincible due to his strength and mental thinking power, he has several weaknesses that other people can take advantage of in order to gain an edge over him and defeat him if they are skilled and at least have average intelligence. Vice's weaknesses are as follows:

  • Because Necronova V cells don't grant a great level of night vision, Vice has some difficulty seeing in the dark without a suffecient amount of lumination in the area he's in, so if one were to cut off light in the area he/she is fighting Vice in, Vice will need to rely on his other senses and his thoughts in order to track his enemies. Blinding Vice could also be effective, although succeeding in doing so can be difficult for most (excluding Godmodded characters who can somehow always blind their opponents).
  • Although Vice has very fast reflexes, if he gets bombarded with a flurry of fast attacks, there's a chance that he will not be able to block some of these attacks, and one (or multiple people) might be able to land a couple hits on him in an all-out assault.
  • Blocking any of Vice's senses could give his opponents an edge, so if one were somehow able to block all 5 of his senses, Vice would be forced to rely on only his 6th sense (which is only slightly stronger than a normal persons) and his thoughts and memory in order to defend himself.
  • If exposed to certain types of cells (such as different versions of Necronova cells), Vice's cells can slow down his healing abilities to an extent, which can allow his opponents to deal more damage to him than usual and exhaust him easier. However, this method will not kill him and Vice's cells will eventually recover.
  • It's possible to knock Vice out, but his opponent(s) will have to be both very fast and strong in order to do so, since most people (if they manage to land a hit on him when he's not stunned) can only briefly stun him due to his incredible endurance.
  • Stunning Vice by dealing a large amount of damage to him (for example, landing a powerful, explosive attack on him) can allow others to inflict more damage on him, even though this might not be always necessary to do since Vice can almost instantly recover from most injuries.
  • One way to kill Vice is to cause him to bleed to death, which can be achieved after dealing a lot of damage to him (which could take a very long time), or by destroing his heart in order to stop his body from producing more blood (Although he won't immediately die when his heart is destroyed).
  • Some other ways to kill Vice would be to either severe his head (if at all possible), or slow down his cells activities in order to weaken him to where he could eventually bleed to death if inflicted with constant conventional damage. Two ways these methods can be achieved can be by fighting Vice until he becomes too exhausted to put up enough resistence in order to quickly escape if, say, someone were to grab him, or work to exhaust him to the point where his opponents could land a lethal attack on him (although it is still recommended that his opponents be fast, smart and strong. These characters should also be wary of any further tactics that Vice may still have left to use, even if his opponent(s) managed to severly weaken him).

As mentioned before, Vice can produce and control electricity in various and unpredictable ways. For example, Vice can create a cage out of electricity to trap his opponents while damaging them, can cause lightning strikes from the sky, can create grids of eletricity in order to push back opponents, can sent eletrical balls of energy at people that expand either on contact or when Vice makes them do so, can produce an electromagnetic in front of himself to shield himself from most common projectiles (such as arrows, bullets, rockets, etc.), etc. Vice can also merge himself on the molecular level with electrical enegry and use it to travel through wires, metals, and even clouds. Unlike Necronova H cells, the Necronova V cells in Vice's body allows most of his abilities to grow at a steady rate, although it's almost impossible for him to acquire much additional strength through adrenaline because of the cells effects, which is a contrast to the Necronova H cells' adrenaline effect, which can allow the body to aquire incredible strength in order to adapt to the conditions of the situation a person is in (like a dangerous battle) when under extreme levels of stress, or intense anger. Because of the effects that Necronova V cells had on Vice through Dr. Natal's experiments, Vice's abilities and intellect became very high, essentially making him the strongest product of the Miles Perfectam project (for a while at least, until Phoenix trained himself to the point where his abilities seemingly surpassed Vice's, when he reached age 11), and also making him one of the Multiverse's strongest villains and fighters. Although Vice mainly uses his Beam Katanas in combat, he could rely on just his brute strength in order to overpower many of his foes, combined with a sufficient strategy and some meticulous observation. He is very skilled in martial arts, but as a precaution he'd also keep his Machine Pistol holstered at all times, and he's been known to never let his guard down, even outside of the battlefield. Still, despite having all these abilities and incredibly high intellect, Vice's arrogance and superiority complex over his enemies would eventually lead to his downfall.

Physical Attributes From Project UltimusEdit


Due to the side effects of the genetic experimentation involved in Project Ultimus, Vice the Lynx began developing a pair of wings during his conception and after his birth, but they would not finish developing until he reached the age of 4. The wings had a black/dark-blue color and were feathered, like those of an angel, but the shape of the wings themselves were slightly different from what the religious deities had. The wings are about 3 to 5 times greater than Vice's entire body mass, and the base of the wings starts off slim, and eventually begins to spread out in diameter further along their length, giving the wings an overall area of 2 ft and 5 inches at the Median under wing to the tip of the wing. These are it's current measurments, and the wings altogether have a length of 9 ft and 11 inches. Due to the wings incredible sizes, one can't help but question how they can completely revert themselves into Vice's shoulders. Although it has been theorized that the wings are somehow able to change their size to flex themselves to where they can fit comfortably inside Vice's body, no one has ever been able to actually prove how his wings could store themselves. Curiously, when the wings are inside Vice's body, no "lump" or noticeable swelling (Or size difference) in his shoulders are visibly shown, and those who have made physical contact with his shoulder often thought that it felt like "anybody else's shoulder", with no noticeable differences in physical feeling. In other words, Vice's wings are incredibly similar to Phoenix the Cat's wings, except with a few noticable differences, which are listed below.

As stated above, Vice's wings were a black/dark-blue color while Phoenix's wing are white colored. Vice's wings have several joints spread throughout them, allowing certain sections of his wings to bend in ways normal wings couldn't do. The wings have feathers that are filled with a unique poison that's produced in Vice's body, which can be cured with certain kinds of medicines, which can be produced if one obtains the poison and uses it to make a serum. The featers can launch themselves from Vice's wings and fly into his enemies, where they would inject their poison once they penetrate the targets skin. The wings are also very strong and are able to act as a shield for Vice against weapons such a firearms, arrows, certain magic spells, etc, in order to reduce damage recieves from his enemies attacks. Other than their unique appearance and very small amount of abilities, there is nothing else that is very significant about Vice's wings. However, whether or not Vice would be able to fly with a single wing like Phoenix is unknown, although it is believed that he is indeed capable of doing so since he is suposedy the stronger prototype from Project Ultimus. Despite this belief, no can be completely certain about Vice's ability to fly with just a single wing.


The use of Necronova V cells has also caused mutations to occur in the ocular tissue of Vice's eyes, the most noticeable trait being that his pupils, instead of being perfectly round, are silts. When Vice reached the age of 4, his eyes developed the ability to view the world in hundreds of frames per second, most likely in the same range as a birds. This allows Vice to quickly adjust his eyes to whichever speed he is moving or follow objects (Or people) that is moving faster than a normal individual's sight can see. Vice also gained the ability to voluntarily control his visual perception, but his eyes can automatically adjust to the speed at which he or another object is moving. In simple terms, Vice has the ability to see the world in slow-motion, and see to oncoming dangers almost instantly, and quickly plan some defensive tactics in order to evade the dangers. He can also quickly plan counterattacks against his opponents, even if they're moving faster than bullets. These abilities have allowed Vice to have an easier time overcoming several powerful (and sometimes fast) opponents. (In other words, Vice also has developed incredible levels of Hand-Eye Coordination (the ability to recognize and respond quickly and accurately)) Vice can see dangers coming at him slightly faster than Phoenix can, but like Phoenix he needs to be very quick to react to them, otherwise seeing (Or sensing them either by a sixth sense or by several of his other senses) them coming won't serve him any purpose.

Other than being able to change his visual perception voluntarily (Or involuntarily) and having incredible levels of Dynamic Visual Activity (the power to clearly see moving objects), HEC and Eye Movement (the ability to move your eyes quickly and accurately), Vice's eyes also have greatly enhanced levels of Momentary Vision (The ability to gather several bits of information at once), and Peripheral Vision (The ability to see over a wide area). Combining all of these traits, Vice, in a sense, has super-powered eye sight, which has always give him an edge inside and outside of battle. Outside of battle, these eye traits have allowed Vice to quickly read text, draw at very quick speeds accurately, and absorb various other kinds of visual information very quickly. Vice's eyes started out with these abilities since his birth at a very low level, but they developed further over the course of his life until they got to the level of strength and perception that they're currently at today. Because of these observations, one can theorize that Vice's eyes could continue developing up until the point where he would be able to see moving objects no matter what speed they're moving. However, such possible developments in his eyes were never seen.

Another thing that’s possibly worth mentioning about Vice's eyes is that even though the pupils are silts, which is a famous trademark and side effect of Necronova cell experimentation (next to the development of wings). Vice's irises also seem to emit a faint glow as well, which is usually the same color (Or a different shade of a similar color) that they normally possess. Although these physical traits seem to serve no purpose to any of Vice's visual aspects, there has been several theories made by some as to when these changes to his eyes occur. One theory states that Vice's irises can only change while he is experiencing strong emotions, while another theory states that he can make his irises glow at will as a means of intimidation, although both theories seem possible and likely.


Although there was consideration to make the prototypes male or female in order to test out certain theories, it was decided that both prototypes for Project Ultimus would be made male. Since Vice was not clone from a pre-existing life-form, and that life-form was not female, there was no need for the scientists in Project Ultimus to throroughly manipulate the levels of Testosterone being developed in his body during his conception in order to make him a male. Through intense training, Vice developed fairly large muscles around his body, and outwardly looked like a body builder despite his young age, which is why many say when they look at him that he has an overall "thicker" appearance than most animals of his kind.

Although Vice has done incredible amounts of training in order to achieve the speed and strength that he has acquired, these attributes (along with his 6 senses) are unable to increase in the same significant levels that Phoenix the Cat's body can when more adrenaline is being produced in it. Some say that this is a huge disadvantage against his opponents since his strength can't increase to extraordinary level's at will like Phoenix can during an extremely critical situation, but the fact that his abilities grow at a strong and steady rate because of his Necronova V cells supposedly compensates for this, although some of his fights against Phoenix the Cat (who is supposedly weaker) often show how huge a disadvantage this can be for Vice when fighting against opponents like hhim, who are also strong, intelligent, have fast reflexes and are quick witted. However, even though Vice cannot produce as much adrenaline as Phoenix can, what adrenaline he can produce is something he can use to increase his abilities to a certain extent, just like anyone else can when they go through adrenaline rushes. Although Vice can absorb all forms of eletrical energy, he cannot absorb and store as much various other kinds of energy like Phoenix can, since his Necronova V cells were not designed to convert and store as much energy as Phoenix's Necronova H cells are.


Beam KatanasEdit


Vice's primary weapon is a Beam Katana (which is a technologically-advanced weapon which is commonly used by Sol Dimension's G.U.N. special forces units) called the "X-Saber". The X-Saber has a primary blade that 3 ft and 2 in. long, and the blade is shaped very similarly like a narrow eclipse with a pointed tip. The hilt of the weapon is 1 ft, 9 in length. The hilt is colored white and has a grey grip on both of its sides which help prevent the weapon from slipping up and down the user's hands, and it also has a black button near the top of the hilt which can be pressed to activate the weapon. There is also another button above the black button (which is colored red) which, is pressed, the weapon can split into two and produce a second Beam Katana to use in combat. Once split, the hilt of the main weapon will extend slightly in order to keep its length approximately 1 ft., while the hilt of the second Beam Katana will extent to have a hilt of the same length. This allows the user to have enough space to fit their hands around the weapons without having to worry about not having enough space to hold them properly. The top of the hilt, where the main blade is produced, can also emit up to 4 stubby beams on the sides of the hilt which serve as a guard, and are also routable. Being made of the same energy as the rest of the blade, the guard has the notable potential to stop an enemy's weapon from sliding down and slicing through the hilt, and by default the user's hands.

Although the stubs are used primarily for defense, they can shoot themselves out and be used as projectiles. They do this by hovering over the user of the X-Saber and charge their attack power. Once the user decides to stop letting the beams charge, he can point the main weapon at his/her target, and the beams will fly into the target, piercing them but causing only moderate damage. The main blade itself can be charged as well to increase both its attack and cutting power, or (depending on how much electrical energy is channeled into the X-Saber) extend its length. This allows those who have mastery over electrical elements to increase the weapon's overall performance and abilities. The X-Saber, despite its power, does not have unlimited battery life and must be recharged via shaking the weapon to cause its interior magnet to produce additional electricity. However, because of Vice's mastery of electrical energy, he can simply channel his own electricity into the weapon in order to keep it charged, never having to stop in the middle of battle to recharge his weapon.

The weapon's cutting ability is rather unique because, despite being a sharp energy weapon and a prototype, the weapon's cutting ability depends on the amount of force channeled into the main blade. If swung normally, the blade will not cut flesh like a real blade, but rather the weapon will cut through the matter of its target and cause any energy it leaves behind through its cuts (which are visibly seen as bright-blue energy shaped like cuts) to cause interior sensory damage. In other words, even though the blade does not actually cut the flesh like a real blade at standard energy levels, the attacks inflicted by the blade that manage to cut through its targets will feel as though they were actually cut by a real blade for a minimum of 2-3 seconds. However, increase the force of your swings to maximum strength, the blade will gain the cutting ability of a real blade and cut through flesh. Finding out the amount of force implemented into an X-Saber's swings can be difficult to determine, so it is best that those who fight against the wielder of this weapon believe as though every swing produced by the opponent is being inflicted at full force.

It should be noted that the weapon seems to respond to Vice's will, since the weapon is of his own creation. Due to this fact, no one else besides Vice has been able to even hold the X-Saber for half a minute until the weapon reappears in Vice's hands. Although the weapon was supposedly created like any other ordinary weapon, whether or not the X-Saber that is wielded by Vice is the original one or an exact duplicate of the original which was created through his will is uncertain. The weapon being a manifestation of Vice's will might be more likely though, because the weapon was broken several times before, but Vice managed to instantaneously repair it by having the weapon disappear and rematerialize in his hands, seemingly brand new and showing no signs of damage whatsoever. Unless one can either kill or incapacitate Vice, completely destroying the X-Saber may very well be an impossibility.

Spare Beam KatanasEdit

Although Vice uses only the X-Saber, there seems to be at least 3 spare Beam Katana blades holstered on his belt in the area around his rear. These 3 weapons are usually hidden because of their location on Vice's belt and when he's wearing his coat, but the weapons are seen during the times when he is not wearing his coat. The weapons, even active, appear identical to that of the X-Saber, but it is unknown if they're the same models as the X-Saber or different ones altogether since he never seems to use them due to his ability to regenerate and materialize the X-Saber at will. Also, since the X-Saber can split into two seperate blades, the purpose of the additional Beam Katanas may be solely for decoration.


Glock 18C CustomEdit

Vice also wields a custom-made Glock 18C machine pistol in battle. Like its non-customized sibling, the Glock 18C, the Glock 18C Custom is an incredibly inaccurate fully automatic pistol. With the ability to select between full automatic fire and semi-automatic, the Glock 18C Custom is a very versatile weapon. The Glock 18C Custom uses a keyhole opening known as a compensator on the front section of the slide that vent gases upward when fired, thus reducing the felt recoil. It also uses the standard 9x19mm ammo used in a variety of semi-automatic handguns. This gun, like the Glock 18C, is very similar to the Glock 17, the external differences are the rate of fire selector on the rear left of the slide, and to a lesser extent the extended barrel and compensator. The Glock 18C Custom also uses the same 17 round magazine as the Glock 18C, and also can be equipped with a 33 round magazine that extends below the magazine well. Also, there is a special magazine, which is the same size as a 33 round magazine, that Vice had created himself which allows the weapon to fire up to 127 rounds, until a button on the side of the magazine needs to be pressed in order to generate more bullets. The reload process takes exactly 3 seconds after the reload button on the magazine is pressed.

Despite being a difficult weapon to handle, Vice is able to hold the gun completely still when aiming and when firing the gun in auto-fire due to his genetically-enhanced strength and visual perception, allowing him to get extremely accurate shots. However, the weapon does only moderate damage to enemies unless shot at a vital area, such as the head or heart. Interestingly, a V-shaped mark is visible on the right side of the 127 round magazine. This gives the weapon to tactical advantages whatsoever, but it can be assumed that this mark was intentionally made in order to identify the magazine when compared to 33 round magazines, since they both have identical designs.


  • Vice was created to be a heavily contrasted character compared to Phoenix the Cat, in both personality and appearance (although Phoenix adopted a costume somewhat similar to Vice's in his later years). Some differences between their personalities include the fact that Phoenix hates deadly conflicts and is capable of caring deeply for others and feeling very humane emotions, while Vice loves battle and destruction, and considers all life expendable and is incapable of feeling anything others consider humane. As for appearance, some obvious differences between these two individuals are their fur color, hair style, and choice of clothing.
  • Vice uses Beam Katanas, which are weapons that are mainly used in the video game series No More Heroes.
  • Vice the Lynx bears a resemblance to a character that belongs to the manga series Ultimo, who shares the same name as him (excluding "the Lynx"). However, Vice the Lynx is not based off this character. Instead, his appearance was based of several different villains from several different franchises, which include Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, and Earthbound Doujin (which is where he got the shape of his eyes).
  • Before insanity, Vice may have been a secret fan of Extreme Gear sports.
  • Vice has been known to have an interest in Literature and legends.
  • Although he has enough knowledge on how to make his own machines and weaponry, Vice was never seen doing so by anyone, which has made many question how he was able to not only build powerful technology, but build an entire army that was armed with it.


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