The Spirit Nomads are a wandering band of gypsies. They are led by Damon the Foxirrel.




Damon the FoxirrelEdit

The leader.

Hecuba the SphinxEdit

The healer and seer.

Gavriil the SkunselEdit

Fabian the KuwagataEdit

Carmen's brother.

Carmen the KuwagataEdit

Fabian's sister.

Dragomir the BadgerEdit

Eugen the MuskoxEdit

Lenuta the HarcatEdit

Kohar the HedgecoonEdit

Maral the DeerEdit

Lusine the WolfEdit

Vartan the HyraxEdit


Silent Mobius: 7 SinsEdit

The Spirit Nomads have quite a large role here. They've taken cover from the resident monsters of Silent Hill by hiding out in Balkan Church. When Sonic first meets them, some of their numbers are missing...