Sunako The Cat Sunako(new)

Biographical Information
Relatives Unknow Parents and other relatives
Romantic Interests Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Female
DescriptionPurple cat with dyed black hair
Attire Dark purple shirt with a donut on it, black jeans, black, purple and white shoes, pink glasses
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations School Yard GAng
AbilitiesClarinet as a weaopen, can summon Raven, Above avarage strenght
Super Forms Hyper Form M
Other Information
American V.A. N/A
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s) N/A
Original Creator Lupita/Gamergirl304

Sunako is a purple cat that lives in Fow Toth Town. She attends CastleRosen High School with all her friends.

History Edit

Sunako met G.A.A.M. in the 8th grade during Algebra class. The two have become really close friends since then. Sunako also introduced her to the Humans Jazmine and Marcela and a bat named Raven. Sunako has been friends with Jazmine since the 3rd grade. They sometimes argue but they'll always be best friends. Sunako and Jazminee are in the schools marching band. They dont like the uniforms but they have to deal with it. Sunako also likes watching Animes shows. She listens to japaness music even though she dosnt know what the heck the songs are saying. Sunako also likes playing RPG's.

Skills Edit

Stronger then normal

Can play an instrument

Really good at RPG's

Can call Raven for help

Can turn into her Hyper Form M by Drinking Monster

Friends/Allies Edit


Lucero The Rabbit



Jocelyn The Fox

Valeree The Bat

Raven The Bat

Enemies Edit


Theme Edit


Trivia Edit

She is based on one of my friends

Her name is based on one of my friends usernames on another website

Sunako and her friend Jazmine are obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. Her favorite is Nick

She is also obsessed with Jacob from twilight

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