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Welcome to the Silent Mobius Wiki! Silent Mobius is basically a fan fiction site that covers Sonic the Hedgehog and horror-related media(the name of this site is not to be confused with the Manga series "Silent Mobius"). This site originally started out as a copy of "Sonic Fanon Wiki", but because of various incidents that had occured there (not trying to spark any hatred), some of the SFW (Sonic Fanon Wiki)'s members moved to this site and became the initial members of this website. We are not very large compared to SFW, but we currently take advantage of our small size to easily manage everything that goes on here. Feel free to place both your Sonic-related Fan Fiction here! This place most likely will have members (Or contributors) who are very young, so any adult-rated material would not be a good idea (And it's not allowed). If you wish to create content like that, then we advise that you go to an appropriate website that will allow you to do so. Although we encourage originality, you are free to use cross-overs as long as such content is kept off site (for presentation purposes). You can also keep your Sonic fanfiction and horror fanfiction separate. We hope that you will find this place to your liking, and help make this place a popular to both a fun, safe and private community for Sonic the Hedgehog fans alike!! This Wiki was made on February 3, 2010.

Please look at the rules of this Wiki before participating in the community.

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Fanon and Canon Edit

Even though this is a fanon wiki, canon works are allowed also! Feel free to make pages that relate to your Silent Hill and/or Sonic the Hedgehog fan characters, as well as make pages for canon Silent Hill and Sonic the Hedgehog characters!


To all members: Please be sure to categorize every new page that you make, and categorize anything that you upload to this Wiki. I think that finding content on here will be easier if we put them in the appropriate categories, and our pages won't get lost in mainspace that way, too. Please take the time to categorize any pages that you make, and make new categories that will help your organize your pages too if you have to, but be sure to categorized the Categories themselves in the appropriate locations too. Remember this: An organized Wiki will help make a Wiki more manageable by it's users :) Phoenix the CatThe flames reborn.... 22:35, March 5, 2010 (UTC)