Built along the shores of Toluca Lake, Silent Hill appears to be a mid-sized town. Surrounded by wooded hills and rivers, it has become a destination for fisherman and boaters. Silent Hill is bisected, horizontally, by the lake. Because of this, one can find the district of Paleville in the northern area and South Vale on the opposing lake shore. As one approaches Silent Hill from the east along Nathan Avenue, also known as County Road 73, an Observation Deck can be accessed, affording a fine panoramic view of Toluca Lake and the surrounding woodland. A prominent welcome sign is also on display near one of the entrances, serving to welcome newcomers upon their arrival.

As stated above, Silent Hill is divided up into two distinct districts, each catering to varying demographics of the population. With each new game that explores the Silent Hill area, its layout typically changes, be it in the form of new streets, new buildings replacing old, or entire sections being added to it.

  • Paleville - The northern section of town. It includes Old Silent Hill, and well as Central Silent Hill and the Resort Area.
  • South Vale - The southern section of town. It includes South Silent Hill.