Sam the Cat

Newer Pic of of Sam

Sam is a blue cat with black hair that lives in Fow Toth Town. She is part of the towns crime fighting team the N Squad.

Info Edit

Name: Sam The Cat

Species: Cat

Height: 3ft 7in

Likes: Fixing things, messing around with m

Dislikes: Water, Dogs, Liz leaving her candy around her tools

Age: 16

Eyes: Yellow

Ability type: Speed/Power

History Edit

Sam is the oldest member of the N Squad. She use to work with another mechanics in town but when she met the N Squad she decided to join them to help make the town safer. She is really good with machinery and is the Squads mechanic Whenever she is working on anything she will put her hair up in a pony tail.

Skills Edit

Can run a little bit faster than Espio

Can use her tools to hit people

Can jump really high

Uses her tail to hit people

Friends/Allies Edit

Sango The Raccoon

Lyra The Hedgehog

Lace The Hedgehog

Liz The Bunny

Dante Nantal

Enemies Edit

Jane The Hedgehog

Paul The Hedgehog

Princess The Hedgehog

April The Hedgehog

Joe The Rabbit

Theme Edit

Rockstar by Hannah Montana thumb|300px|right|Sam's Theme

Trivia Edit

Sam's name is based of the name of my old friend that helped my start drawing in the 6th grade.

Sam is the oldest person in the N Squad

She really hates it when Liz leaves her candy around her tool. They get all sticky after that