This RP based off of Silent Hill using elements from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Not to be confused with the Silent Hill RP that Ryu made on another Wiki). This RP will not be involving any kind of combat at all, and content (Such as the monsters present in the RP) will be based on one kind of monster known as the Raw Shock, but the monster will take various appearances based on each participants' psych. So one can easily assume that they will only be able to perfectly understand what's allowed in this RP if they've played Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. If there are some Users here who are planning on playing Shattered Memories in the future, then please tell me and I will tell you some information that you may wish to know before you play the game (I highly recommend that those who haven't played Shattered Memories come ask me some information about the game, especially since it has inappropriate content in it, including the "crazy dance"). This RP will NOT have any sexual content in it! Kissing nad flirting is as far as it will go. Violators who break this rule will be instantly banned. More information will be written about this RP later. If there are any questions that you may have about this RP, then please ask them on this RP's Talk page.