Princess The Hedgehog Princess(new)

Biographical Information
Relatives Unknow
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
Gender Female
DescriptionPink hedgehog with tan muzzle, arm and chest. Three pink quills on front of head
Attire Black tube top, Blue coat, blue jeans, blue slip on shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations S Squad
AbilitiesGreat machanic skills, can pilot a plane, Uses tools a weapons,
Super Forms None
Other Information
American V.A. N/A
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s) Paparazzi by Lady Gaga
Original Creator Lupita/Gamergirl304

Princess is a pink hedgehog the lives in Llames City. She is part of the cities crime control team called the S Squad

History Edit

Princess met Jane and the others when she joined the S Squad. She is the oldest in the squad but she still does whatever Jane tells her to. She get along well with everyone in the squad except for Joe. She thinks hes to negative and gets annoyed whenever he just nods instead of talking. Princess is the mechanic at the of the squad and can fix anything they break or make anything they need. Princess is also flirty. She will flirt with almost any boy she meets. Princess is also the only one in the squad that knows how to contact Will The Echidna, through a crystal-like device he gave her.

Skills Edit

Really Good mechanic

A little faster then normal

Can contact Will The Echidna

Friends/Allies Edit

Jane The Hedgehog

Paul The Hedgehog

Joe The Rabbit

Will the Echidna

Enemies Edit

Sango The Raccoon

Lyra The Hedgehog

Lace The Hedgehog

Liz The Bunny

Dante Nantal

Theme Edit

Paparazzi by Lady Gaga thumb|300px|right|Theme of Princess

Trivia Edit

Princess really dosn't get along with Amy Rose

Her eye color was originally gray

She usually uses her wrench as a weapon

Gallery Edit