Paul The Hedgehog Paul(new)

Biographical Information
Relatives Unnamed Father and Mother, Perla the Hedgehog (Sister:Deceased)
Romantic Interests None
Physical Description
Gender Male
DescriptionPurple hedgehog with tan muzzle. Two short quills in front of his head.
Attire Black jacket, black pants, black head band, black and purple shoes, black belt with silver buckle
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations S Squad, Salsa Boom (Formerly)
Abilities Super Strenght
Super Forms None
Other Information
American V.A. N/A
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s) Crawling by Linkin Park
Original Creator Lupita/Gamergirl304

Paul the Hedgehog is a character created by Gamergirl304. He is a purple male hedgehog from Llames City in the Setax Region and is a member of its crime control team known as the S Squad. He is considered the muscles of the team cause of his super strength.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Paul was born in Llames City in the Setax Region. He was raised in the north eastern area of Llames with his sister and his parents. Though the neighborhoods in this area weren't considered to be claimed by any of the criminal groups in the city and the area was considered neutral among them people living in there still tended to side for either the Mambo 9 or the Salsa Boom.

Personality Edit

Abilities Edit

He is strong enough to punch down a wall.

He runs at an above average speed

Relations Edit

Friends/Allies Edit

Jane The Hedgehog (Best Friend)

Princess The Hedgehog

Joe The Rabbit

Unnamed Father and Mother

Viafo the Bobcat (Old childhood friend)

Enemies/Rival Edit

Sango The Raccoon

Lace The Hedgehog

Sam The Cat

Liz The Bunny

Dante Nantal

Wade the Dragon

Blast the Chameleon

Other Mambo 9 members

Theme Edit

thumb|300px|right|Paul's ThemeOriginal Theme: Crawling by Linkin Park

Trivia Edit

Paul was originally a black hedgehog

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