Michael The Cat Michael(new)

Biographical Information
Relatives Unknow
Romantic Interests Lace the Hedgehog
Physical Description
Gender Male
DescriptionGreen cat with black hair and white tip on the tail
Attire Black jacket, black pants, black shoes, white glove on right hand
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations N Squad
Abilities Good combat skills, quick on his feet, Good singer and dancer
Super Forms None
Other Information
American V.A. N/A
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s) Beat it by Michael Jackson
Original Creator Lupita/Gamergirl304

Michael is a green cat that lives in Llames City. He hangs around the town and likes listening to music

History Edit

When Michael was a little kid he was abused by his father. His father would torture him in ways unimaginable. No one is sure what happened to him but Michael dosnt live with him anymore. Michael met his GF when he was injured by his father some time ago. She was visiting the city and found him while she was walking around. She help him with his injuries and they became close friends Then they both fell for each other. Since she lives in Fow Toth Town Michael usually only see's her over the weekend. They talk on the phone as much as possible and whenever possible Michael goes over to Fow Toth Town to visit her too,

Skills Edit

Can sing and dance good

Good at hand to hand combat

Friends Edit

Lace The Hedgehog (GF)

Unknown other friends

Enemies Edit

His father Others Unknown

Theme Edit

Beat It by Michael Jackson thumb|300px|right|Michael Jackson's Beat It

Trivia Edit

He was originally drawn as a hedgehog