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Ben is and Eagle from the future. He is part of Team Slade.

Info Edit

Name: Ben The Eagle

Species: Eagle

Hegiht: 3ft 5in

Birthplace: Unknown

Age: 15

Likes: Rock music, Shooting, Standing up for what he belives

Dislikes: Gang Members, Evil people

Ability Type: Fly/Power

History Edit

Ben use to be part of a gang that all his family was part of. One day the rival gang showed up and tried to kill everyone in his gang. A gang war broke out and many people died including Ben's Family. Ben swore to get revenge on all of them and killed almost all of the people in the other gang. Only one got away and Ben intends to hunt him down.

Ben later met Slade, Carlos and Angel and joined thier team. He hangs around with them and stays in thier town while looking for the guy that got away. Ben also met Bella The Bat. He is secretly going out with her. No one except his team knows. Although Ben sometimes think Slades parents might know but they havent said anything.

Skills Edit

Ben is able to Fly

Can run pretty fast

Ben uses a gun and has pefect aim.

Can see thing really far away.

Friends/Allies Edit

Bella The Bat (Girlfriend)

Slade The Hedgehog (Close Friend and Team member)

Angel The Rabbit (Friend and Team member)

Carlos The Hedgehog (Friend and team member)

Enemies Edit

Gang members

The member of the rival gang that got away

Theme Edit

Before I Forget by Slipknot thumb|300px|right|Ben's Theme

Trivia Edit

His boots have the color scheme of the Flag

Ben was the first bird character I made

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